Is Your Business Dragging You Down?

Running your own business is hard work . . . Working very long hours while struggling with tight cash flow and a tight economy.

Have you ever felt stuck and not known what to do next or are you sick and tired of bashing your head against the wall, then you are not alone.

I was once in the exact same position until I discovered business & life doesn’t have to be this hard.

Fast track your business performance to work less while earning more - reclaim your life back!  To discover how you can make your business work better, click on the calendar image to make a direct booking in my diary.

Business Coaching

Improve the performance of your business and create a competitive advantage with Arrowbiz Business Coaching.

Discover how you can gain more money, freedom & time from either our personalised “1 on 1 programs” or in our “group coaching” program.

There’s a program to suit your needs and budget. Read more


Marketing is one area most business owners struggle with, however quite often marketing seems to be an endless procession of “DONATIONS” to various marketing media companies.

We believe marketing should make you money, NOT cost you money. Read more


Having your team “onside” is critical to the performance of any business.  We provide various training such as:-

  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Creating Raving Fans
  • Customer Service

And many more tailored to suit your requirements. Read more

Web Sites

There are billions of web pages on the internet, yet only a minute fraction actually make the owners any money!

The reason is they are built by graphic designers who make them clever and pretty – great if you want to impress mum and the ladies at the bowls club.

The difference with our sites is they are designed and built by a “marketer”, one who knows how to get people to the site and then buy from it – after all, isn’t that why you are in business, to make money? Read more

  • “My business is more profitable, I’m less stressed, I have good systems in place and I’m coping well with all the new paperwork and accountability”, says Jim Carmody of Bundaberg Super Cycles following 10 months of guidance and instruction from Business Coach Steve Baker. “When Steve came onto the scene I’d lost focus, was tired and trying to do too much myself”. “One of the first things Steve suggested I do resulted in boosted turnover.  A new fit out also meant a more orderly working environment, but the real bonus was a much needed reduction in my working hours.” “After 18 years as a bicycle retailer, thanks to Steve, I am in charge of my business  - it doesn’t run me!” –Jim Carmody, Bundaberg Super Cycles

  • After starting a welding and fabrication business seven years ago, we found were sitting on top of a tornado... the business had grown so fast that we are unable to keep up with it and have it function the way we had envisioned. We will working astronomical hours and the stress levels were off the scale.  To make matters worse, in the last 12 months we had been losing money at a ridiculous rate.  What were we doing wrong?  We were put in the hours, we were working hard and our business was getting busier.  Why were we losing money?  Where was the reward for all out of that? We met Steve Baker and immediately had our eyes opened the to many little things that needed to major improving and fast. We are finally out of trouble, our house is safe and best of all, we have a great deal more freedom than we have enjoyed for many years. We work on average 20 hours less a week then we previously did, which leaves us more time to enjoy their five children.  Work is a lot less stressful which then runs into a more pleasant home life.  We have been shown by Steve that we need to prioritise important things in life and our family has benefited greatly from this advice. We have great hopes and dreams our future and we give many thanks to Steve and his team for showing us the path that will allow us to achieve them. –Scott & Robertson,  Robertsons Fabrications

  • “In three (3) short months of participation in Steve’s Group Coaching sessions we found the business direction we so badly needed and finally secured a life outside our business." “Since then our turnover and staffing levels have increased by 30% and after being in business only four (4) years we have purchased more and bigger equipment.” Steve also helped double our sales and with at least 50% more stock on the shelves now our business is thriving. –Margaret and Dino Vicenzotti, Thabeban Takeaway, Bundaberg

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