Your Coach – Steve Baker

There is one word that Steve lives by, and that is “Success”.  Success to Steve as a business coach is a result of the successes of his clients . . . there must be a “win-win-win” for all involved (Steve, his clients and their customers).

It is this drive for success that has allowed him to help hundreds of business owners around Australia and the world improve their businesses and profits, allowing them to enjoy life without all of the stress and pressures most business owners face today.

“I’ve had a tear in my eye many times due to the feelings and emotions expressed to me by my clients after helping them save their homes and or businesses from repossession or closure due to business debts, plus on 3 occasions where couples have thanked me for saving their marriages by helping them remove their financial stress,” says Steve Having owned and sold numerous regional and national award winning businesses himself, Steve has the hands on experience and knowledge to guide and coach any business owner, regardless of the size, type, industry or problems they face.  His ability to cause a massive shift in the performance of different businesses has been acknowledged through National and Global Awards by his coaching industry peers.

His belief is that there are only 2 words which will make a difference to any business owner’s life, “choice” and “knowledge”.  Since starting his own business in Hervey Bay in 1983, Steve has always known that there was “more” out there just waiting for him to find and implement.  That “more” is knowledge and “choosing to implement” is how Steve took his own average performing business to Number 1 in Australia within his own industry in just 3 short years. Steve believes every business owner has a choice to take in knowledge and then a choice of whether they use the knowledge they have attained or not.

This is where Steve shines- in helping business owners make the right choice of knowledge and then guide them to implement it for maximum benefits. Steve’s coaching background is varied, from working with various specific industry niches to general businesses . . . as part of a group of International business coaches  as well as his own private coaching companies his role has been to coach business owners in all aspects of business finance, systems, sales, marketing & recruitment as well internet marketing techniques and procedures. If you have problems with “time, team or money”, call Steve NOW on0408 101 785 or email by clicking here