“Are You The Master Of Your Business Or The Other Way Around?”

Business Masters AcademyI don’t need to tell you that to get ahead in business on the Fraser Coast, we all have to work smarter – not only in your way of thinking about business, but also with your approach to marketing, how you can stay ahead of your competitors while having your team work with you instead of as it quite often seems – against you.

I’ve been in business here for over 35 years and I have seen many changes in the economic scenery here – I’ve been through hard as well as boom times and one thing I’ve learnt is that I didn’t have all of the answers to build my multi award winning businesses.

I sought out the advice and guidance of those that knew what to do to succeed so I could be the Master of My Businesses.

Now it’s time to share some of that knowledge with my fellow Fraser Coast Business Owners at the Business Masters Academy”

Business Masters Academy 2019 Programs


These programs have been developed to assist people starting off in business as well as those who cannot afford 1 on 1 coaching.  The essence of the program is every 2 months we get together in a Mastermind Group environment for a day and work through core business principles and skills.

Because people are at different levels in their businesses, the program comes in 3 levels to suit capabilities and budgets.  All program levels are designed to deliver maximum value, regardless of what level they are at.

Program Components In Detail:

Bi Monthly Group Coaching Sessions: –Steve Baker Arrowbiz Solutions

Every 2 months the Mastermind Group will meet for a full day where we will cover in depth topics such as

  • Time Management
  • Selling Skills
  • Systems
  • Budgeting
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Team

During the morning session, attendees will be mentored in one of the above key areas, then the afternoon consists of Hot Seats (explained below) and the development of an action plan that members can take back to their business, ready for implementation the next day.

Everyone in the room is bound by a confidentiality agreement which says that what is said in the room stays there.  This is the only way a Mastermind environment can work – when all present feel safe in opening up to the room.

Weekly Business Building News: –

Every week all attendees will receive an email from me with a business building tip or news covering a wide range of topics.  We never stop learning.

Weekly Accountability Prompts: –

Accountability is what it’s all about.  There’s no use getting all hyped up, walking out the door and going back to the old ways.  Every week I will be keeping in touch and more importantly, keeping members on track and accountable.

1 To 1 Personal Coaching Sessions: –

Nothing beats a 1 on 1 personal session to talk about specific issues affecting the business and also discuss plans and goals.  This is where members are stretched out of their comfort zones and opened up to new opportunities.

Hot Seats: –

These are such a powerful part of the process.  Every eligible member gets to sit up front, ask their most burning business question and have the power of the Mastermind environment contribute various suggestions and strategies.

Silver program members can attend and contribute (while madly taking notes on ideas you can use).

Business Performance Analysis: –

Want to know where your business is at?  Gold and Platinum members have access to this valuable resource to analyse the 4 key areas of their business . . .

  • Team
  • Money
  • Customers
  • Process.

You will receive a comprehensive report on your performance in many aspects of each area, plus ratings on the urgency of what needs fixing or implementing.  Platinum members also will work 1 on 1 with their mentor to develop an Action Based Business Plan to carry them to the future.

Access To Online Marketing Vault: –

Why reinvent the wheel.  Gold and Platinum members gain access to our “Marketers Goldmine Vault” with real life marketing samples ready to model off from over 111 industries and professions.  The best part is, quite often the most successful marketing campaigns are modelled off ones from other professions and tailored to suit.

Your Investment:

  Silver Level Gold Level Platinum Level
Bi Monthly Group Coaching Sessions Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Business Building News Yes Yes Yes
Weekly Accountability Prompts Yes Yes Yes
1 To 1 Personal Coaching Session 3 x 30 mins 6 x 30 mins 6 x 60 mins
Hot Seats No Yes Yes
Business Performance Analysis No Report Report & Action Plan
Access To Online Marketing Vault No Yes Yes
Monthly Investment $497 $697 $997

Program Conditions: –


There is a minimum commitment of 12 months to any program level.  Members may at any time upgrade their membership and any time already used at a lower level will count towards the 12 months.  You cannot drop levels of membership.

Members must be committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure positive improvement happens in their business.



All members are encouraged to bring a team member or spouse (must be part of your business or family – no friends in another business) to ensure you have someone to bounce ideas off back in your business.


All monthly payments are by direct debit and in advance.


There will be no refunds due to not attending sessions, regardless of whether it is a missed group or booked 1 on 1 session.


Is entirely up to you.  We can’t do it for you.  We can only give you the tools, accountability and knowledge to improve and grow your business.  If you want a “done for you service” we can give you the name of someone else and be prepared to pay for it.

More Information & To Secure Your Mastermind Seat: –

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