“Marketing Should Be More Than A Donation!”

Marketing is one area most business owners struggle with, however quite often marketing seems to be an endless procession of “DONATIONS” to various marketing media companies.

We believe marketing should make you money, NOT cost you money!

This is why we teach you the exact same principles that mega successful businesses use to attract their ideal client and convert them to sales.

I study the masters including one who has sold in excess of $8 Billion worth of goods and services for his clients.  When these guys sneeze, I catch their cold.  After all, why try to reinvent the wheel when these guys do it so well.  I learn from their mistakes and successes and pass this on to my clients.

The big mistake most business owners make is they copy the same style of marketing everyone in their industry or profession are using.  I call this “incestuous marketing”.  Another HUGE mistake is being talked into “brand marketing” by an ad rep (typically newspapers, radio & TV).  They tell you that frequency sells.

Unfortunately, if you ad is garbage, it doesn’t matter how many times you run it because your target market will keep on seeing the same poor ad and won’t respond to it.  However when you follow the principles I teach in my coaching programs, you will learn how to turn your marketing into a money making machine.

Imagine having a huge library of proven ads to model off, meaning you just have to “plug in” your details and information to create an ad that will contribute to your profits instead of building the profits of the media.  Arrowbiz Solutions Coaching Clients have access to this and much more as part of their coaching program – available in all levels of coaching packages.