“Shouldn’t I Use A Graphic Designer For My Website?”

Did you know there are literally millions of web pages on the internet, yet only a tiny minute fraction actually make the owners any money!

The reason is they are built by graphic designers who make them clever and pretty – great if you want to impress mum and the ladies at the bowls club, but in most cases, totally useless as a money generating site.

The difference with our sites is they are designed and built by a “marketer”, one who knows how to get people to the site and then buy from it – after all, isn’t that why you are in business, to make money?

A money making web site must:-

  • Be easy to find using search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Be user friendly with a simple logical flow which allows the visitor to easily follow a logical path to find the solution they are after.
  • Encourage the site visitor to take action . . . either buying or at least capturing their details through a FREE Offer such an E-Book like my “7 $teps To Greater Profits” which I give away on this site.

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